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Fallout 4

Do whatever you want in a massive open world with hundreds of locations
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Fallout 4 is an amazing monster of a game that we all know by this point. It's a long-awaited sequel in the Fallout series, always famed for its impact on the gaming industry. This time Bethesda, the prime developer ever since Fallout 3, decided to go all the way and make the game as much a blockbuster as a Marvel movie.

The first thing that is strikingly new is the character backstory as a veteran before the war and the plot of being frozen. It reuses some elements of Fallout 3, namely, the main quest being motivated by the search for a missing relative, your own son this time. But the story is solid, the characters are fun and the Wasteland is as beautiful as ever. Fully-voiced protagonists are, however, a whole other thing. Some would complain that this element makes the rich dialogues (that Fallout games are famous for) worse, more restricted and "dumbed-down". Others will say that this adds layers to the player character, making the experience of playing the game more intimate and personal.

Another thing worth special attention is the extensive set of tools for building. In-game construction of buildings and infrastructure has been present in Fallout 3 mods, but now it's an official part of the game. Once again, some find it unnecessary, others enjoy it.

The rest of the gameplay is not much different from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. First/third person perspective, open world full of dangers and adventures, radiation poisoning, Brotherhood of Steel, raiders and much, much more. There are some tweaks to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system for character creation, and advanced face generator, updated graphic and better combat mechanics with a rehashed VATS. It's basically more of what we love, only better.

I can spend hours singing Fallout 4's praises or bashing its flaws. But what's the use? It's a great game either way, a game that defines a generation.

James Lynch
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  • Vast open world
  • Tons of content
  • Great style and story


  • Technical issues
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