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Fallout 4 is an amazing open-world action-adventure RPG
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I've played a lot of good and even great games in my time, but there are about four titles that I would truly describe as epic. Bethesda's Fallout 4 is one of those few, as you can play it for hours on end without feeling that you've actually wasted your time.

For those of you who have never heard about this series, Fallout 4 is an open-world action-adventure RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Boston. The players are free to do whatever they choose and rush to complete the story or completely disregard the main plot line. You can easily alternate between the first-person and third-person view, choose from a huge set of skills (called perks) and carve your own path to success. The selection of weapons is impressive, and most of the enemies that you encounter are more dangerous than you would like, especially if you're not sniping them from a safe distance.

In case you're someone who's familiar with the Fallout franchise, and you're curios about what's the difference between the fourth game and New Vegas, the biggest thing is the V.A.T.S. combat. In Fallout 3, whenever you entered V.A.T.S. mode, the action would completely pause, which always felt a bit like cheating. In Fallout 4, the enemies won't simply stop, but continue their actions at a much slower pace, so you can still die even while the V.A.T.S. mode is active. Another big change is the fact that you can now build entire colonies, complete with furnished houses, defenses, water pumps, electric generators, fences, radio towers and food crops.

The latest addition to Fallout 4 is an update called Survival Mode which is designed for experienced players who are looking for a tougher challenge. In this mod, the only way for the player to save the game progress is to find a bed and sleep in it; your bullets have weight, which means that your carrying capacity will be drastically reduced; and both you and the enemies deal a lot more damage. Additionally, the player character needs food, water and sleep in order to survive and reacts differently based on where and how bad he or she is injured.

If you want my personal input, I already stated that Fallout 4 is an awesome game, despite some of the criticisms you may have seen. Yes, it's not very cheap, and you need a high-end to PC to be able to fully enjoy it, but it's worth the effort. Furthermore, since there are thousands of independent mods (Bethesda encourages third-party developers to create them), you don't need to worry about getting bored with the game.

Margie Smeer
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  • Huge open world
  • Mods are supported
  • Comes with a tougher "Survival Mode"
  • Great visuals


  • A bit pricey at the moment
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